JUKI Group Code of Conduct "Ten-Provisions"


We will comply with any and all applicable laws, regulations, rules and any kind whatsoever.


We will supply our customers with products and render services for our customers, which products and services will satisfy our customers.


We will make the best decision for JUKI Group.


We will work for JUKI Group in fair and active ways with integrity.


We, as the numbers of JUKI Group (Globalized Enterprise Group) will respect the fundamental human rights conferred upon people, and will never illegally discriminate against people in any respect. In addition, we will respect cultures throughout the world.


We will secure our safety and stay in health by ourselves, and in addition, we will use the efforts to do the same for other people.


We will act and work in consideration of the global environment, and will, also, contribute to society as members of the community.


We will continuously improve teamwork at the workplace, by means of actively assisting with the spirit of 'MenDoMi'.


We will study for self-development/improvement, and will, also, improve and train your subordinates and younger employees.


We will actively procure and collect various information, and prepare effective information, and will effectively use such information, and in addition, we will strictly administer such information.

5S for Management

Guideline for JUKI Group Employees Conduct for Accomplishing Middle Team Management Plan

Simple (straightforward)

Slim (no waste)

Speedy (move ahead of schedule with agility)

Seamless (altogether with no barriers)

Smart (intelligent and productive)

We, JUKI Group Employees, will work highly respecting "5S for Management" as our basic rule.