Plant Engineering

Plant Engineering

For customers planning to set up their own sewing plants, we offer the best-suited plant design materials.
We also offer guidance on the introduction of new machinery in plants and as well as re-investigation of production facilities for changes in production items.
Contact us to make the most of our plant engineering support services.

Basic Data

For sewing products, we calculate the required processing time, the number of workers involved in production, the working time, and the number of pieces that can be produced. Man-hours are calculated under given conditions to present basic production materials facilitating the most efficient distribution of work.

Machine List

Based on the aforementioned production design, we calculate and present the machine models and number of units of required for efficient production with minimal waste in an ideal plant set up. 


Layout Plan

The layout plan presents  an ideal arrangement of machinery that ensures efficient production. With the machinery layout plan, we make suggestions about the plant layout to help you construct an efficient production system optimally suited to the production design and the number of machines installed.